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Autumn and winter TREAT

Hot Stones

Enjoy the warmth in combination with a soothing massage


Combination of MassageS

The most popular massage is a combination of several massage techniques depending on what you need

Holistic Pulsing

Holistic pulsing is a method of gentle and smooth rocking and streching movements in the rhythms of your own body.

This technique encourages every cell in the body to move resulting in a very relaxing effect and promoting the release of tension in the body and mind. Your energy will flow and complaints will be reduced. This treament is given with clothes on.

Sport Massage

Suitable for athletes and non-athletes. Sports massage (classic massage) is actually the most common form of massage. This massage can be applied (in a single muscle or group of muscles). It can also be applied to the entire body. If you have muscle pain, for example (sports) injuries, this type of massage is often the first choice. Also, neck, shoulder and back pain can be very well be treated in this manner.


This is the ultimate spa experience. It is a combination of several treatments.

  • Sea salt scrub with eucalyptus
  • Massage with soap bag and olive soap.
  • Moroccan clay pack (Rhassoul Clay)
  • Oil Massage with hypoallergenic oil

After the hammam treatments you feel refreshed and relaxed with sparkling energy.


Hot stone massage is a wonderful, deep, heat massage. After laying some hot stones on the body (hot stones of about 40-45 degrees), you will be massaged on the loose with hot stones and warm oil. This stimulates the body and causes the body to detoxify. The result is a soothing and relaxing massage in which the heat penetrates deep into the muscle.

Lymph therapy

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD according to Dr. Vodder method) is a massage technique that activates the lymphatic system. The purpose of this massage is to purify and regenerate this extremely essential drainage system, in order to strengthen the human body. Unlike many other forms of massage MLD consists of a light touch on the skin and the underlying tissues directly. The soft, sliding and pumping movements enhance the flow of the lymph through the body. The movements are carried out following the rhythm of the normal lymphatic flow. MLD admittedly feels soft, but the effect on the removal of stored waste is impressive. MLD has a positive effect on swelling (edema) after injuries and (orthopedic) surgery. It also has a very beneficial effect on stress by activating the calming part of the nervous system. Because much waste is removed by MLD treatment also has a good effect on chronic fatigue, headache or migrane, and skin problems.

Haptonomic relaxation massage

The haptonomic relaxation massage is a gentle and relaxing massage. Aimed to bring body and the mind as much as possible in harmony. The massage consists mainly of gentle strokes over the body. In most cases the massage is combined with one or more other types of massage for an even better result.

Deep tissue massage

In contrast to the most well-known types of massage deep tissue is not applied to the muscles, but to the connective tissue layer of the body which is located between the skin and the muscles. It can happen that the skin in certain places is too tight connected to the connective tissue layer. The purpose of a deep tissue massage is to be eliminated by a number of special techniques. It is one of the most intensive forms of massage. But the effect on the skin, connective tissue and the underlying muscles, blood vessels and organs, is very positive.

Facelift massage

Make your face look younger with a facelift massage. Facelift Massage is a natural facial treatment that the aging process of the skin slows down. The massage helps to relax the muscles and releases waste products. The condition of the skin and the skin becomes smoother. The skin elasticity increases causing the skin is lifted.

Indian head massage

The Indian head massage consists of light pressure by the hands and fingers and strokes on the back, neck, shoulders, arms, head and face. It can help with headache, stiff neck, tight muscles in the back and other stress related complaints. The massage is without oil. The massage provides a vitalizing effect, a clear mind, is very relaxing and calms the mind and body.


Cash only60 min90 min

Massage€ 60€ 75
Massage + facial/facelift€ 75
Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)€ 60€ 75
Hammam€ 80
Holistic Pulsing€ 60

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